Raising Millions for Marriage


Join our fundraising team and defend marriage equality in Washington!

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In just three easy steps you can become an important part of our Raising Millions for Marriage fundraising team!

The idea is simple: First, we provide you with the tools you need to get started at Second, you create your own fundraising page and set a personal goal. Third, you reach out to your friends, family and coworkers to ask them to support you as you help make history defending marriage equality in Washington State.

Your goal is up to you, but we suggest setting a fundraising goal of $1,000-$5,000. Less is fine, more is fantastic, and any amount will be deeply appreciated and put to good use!

We really need your help today!

(Here are 5 steps to make your fundraising successful.)

The opponents of Marriage Equality plan to pour millions of dollars into Washington to fund a campaign to overturn our new marriage equality law. They have built an army of over 240,000 people who have pledged to oppose our progress this November.

Today we are ahead in the polls and we will be the first state to defend same-sex marriage on the ballot. We can win but we need your help to build a coalition of supporters across our state and nation. We must also match our opponents’ aggressive fundraising to pay for voter education and fall TV to combat their messages.
It takes just a few minutes to get started! Join us and help make history today.

To thank you for your help, our top 50 fundraisers and another 50 randomly selected fundraisers will win 2 free tickets to the October 18 performance of the Tony award winning play Wicked at the Paramount Theater. This performance will be dedicated to Marriage Equality and will be a galvanizing and inspiring community event you won’t want to miss.