Washington United for Marriage Releases Republican Video Echoing Independence Day Themes of Freedom & Personal Responsibility

With July Fourth approaching, Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the broad coalition defending the state’s bipartisan marriage law, today released a video by Republican State Senator Steve Litzow who reminds viewers that the law speaks directly to personal freedom and independence.

In the fifth of the series “Why Marriage Matters” videos, Sen. Litzow says, “I believe as a Republican, one of the big tenants of being a Republican, is a belief in personal freedom and individual responsibility. If we believe that people can pay taxes and they can vote, and they can start a business, and own a gun, then we should allow them to choose it is they marry.”

The new video, along with the four others released thus far in the “Why Marriage Matters” series, can be viewed on WUM’s “Why Marriage Matters” page:  http://washingtonunitedformarriage.org/why-marriage-matters/

Sen. Litzow, a Mercer Island resident who represents the 41st Legislative District, was one of the first Republicans to sponsor the Washington State Marriage Equality Act which passed in February, 2012. Married for 23 years to “the love of my life”, Litzow says his four children only had one question when he raised the issue with: “What’s the big deal?”

“It seems only fitting to release Steve’s video this week when we all pause to remember that freedom and independence are core principles of our state and our nation,” said WUM campaign manager Zach Silk. “And here in Washington, those basic principles are at risk this November unless voters approve Referendum 74 and affirm our bipartisan marriage law.”

“I was one of the first Republicans to sponsor marriage equality because I believe it is the right thing to do,” Litzow says in his video. “I believe that every adult should have the right to choose the person they love and who they marry. Would you want the government telling you you couldn’t marry the person you love?”