Robin and Steve Boehler of Mercer Island Tell Viewers Why Marriage Matters for All of Their Daughters

Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the broad coalition working to defend the state’s marriage law, today began airing its first television ad.  The ad, running statewide, features Robin and Steve Boehler of Mercer Island who talk about their hope that their youngest daughter, who happens to be gay, can marry the person she loves.

The Boehlers’ oldest daughters, Lindsay and Emily are married and they are already grandparents to two girls, with another one on the way next month.  Steve and Robin Boehler are speaking up for their youngest daughter, Sara, who’s engaged to be married to her longtime partner.

Here’s a link to the ad: http://wufm.it/tvad1

“We’ve been having thousands of conversations across the state with voters about why marriage matters and why it’s important to approve Referendum 74,” said Zach Silk, WUM’s campaign manager.  “Personal stories, like the Boehlers’, resonate with people because everyone understands that marriage means something special not only to the couple, but to their family and friends.”

The ad began running in the Seattle market today and statewide on cable. The full text of the ad follows:


TV :30

Steve: We have three daughters and they all should be able to marry the person they love.

Robin: When Sara told us she was a lesbian I was worried that people would treat her differently. I don’t want something less for Sara than I want for Lindsey and Emily.

Steve: I want her to have the same kind of joy that Robin and I have had.

Robin: Marriage is the way that we recognize a lifelong commitment that two people make to each other. When I lay my head down for the very last time I need to know that there’s someone that loves them and is taking care of them and thinking about them. And that’s what happens in a marriage.