Washington United for Marriage Hails Continued Upward Trend of Voter Support for Bipartisan Marriage Law

Responding to the latest Public Policy Polling (PPP) of Washington voters who face a referendum this fall seeking to roll back the bipartisan marriage law, Zach Silk, campaign manager for Washington United for Marriage, said the 51 to 44% finding shows continued positive progression in favor of the new law and marriage for all committed couples.

In fact PPP, which has polled extensively on this issue, reports support for marriage has grown from 46-44% in May of 2011, to 49-44% in February of this year, to the current finding of 51 to 44%.  While the the PPP poll is slightly below the recent Strategies 360 finding of 54% support, Silk noted it nonetheless captured an important and significant upwards trend.

“The PPP confirms what we see everyday — that as people begin to understand that only marriage fully protects families and conveys a lifetime commitment they move toward supporting our bipartisan law.  There’s no question we’re trending the right way.  And two particular findings stand out: the huge jump in Independent support, now at 53 to 39 percent, and that the opposition seems stuck somewhere between 42 and 44 percent over the last 18 months.

“We have a lot of work to do and we’re a long way from November.  We know, for example, that we have to reach more Republican voters and remind them that our law passed because we had support from both sides of the aisle.  In Washington, marriage has been less about partisan politics and much more about our common values.

“This law simply allows everyone to marry the person they love.  Our job is to make sure voters understand this is about fundamental fairness for all Washington families.  And that’s why we’ll continue having conversations about why marriage matters whether it’s at the kitchen table, at summer gathering spots or around the office water cooler.”