API Leader Kip Tokuda Shares “Why Marriage Matters” in New Video

Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the broad coalition working to defend the state’s bipartisan marriage law, today released a video of Asian Pacific Islander community leader Kip Tokuda sharing his heartfelt perspective on family, commitment, and “Why Marriage Matters” to him. The video’s release serves as a primer for this weekend’s Bon Odori festivals, with Japanese Americans in Seattle holding their’s at the city’s Buddhist Temple (http://seattlebetsuin.org/index.php/bon-odori-festival/ ).

In the video, Tokuda recounts what he learned about family and marriage growing up as a third generation Japanese American with parents who were interned during World War II. See the video here, along with other videos in the “Why Marriage Matters” series: http://washingtonunitedformarriage.org/why-marriage-matters/

“It’s a matter of being good people, with good values, and loving relationships.” Tokuda says. “And, that’s what marriage is about. It’s about people who share values. It’s about people who are committed to the same thing. And really: that defines marriage.”

A lifelong Seattle resident, Kip Tokuda spent eight years representing the 37th Legislative District in the Washington House of Representatives, where he was a strong advocate for children, individuals with developmental disabilities, and working families.

“Kip Tokuda has devoted his life to keeping Washington State a place where all children, individuals and families are treated fairly and with dignity,” said WUM campaign manager Zach Silk. “In supporting Referendum 74, Kip understands why it’s so important to uphold our marriage law so everyone can marry the person they love.”