Busted: Opponents’ Ad Doesn’t Pass The “Smell Test”

Image: Flickr/The Rocketeer

Our opponents are on air with their latest ad and not surprisingly, there’s not much truth to it.

The ad features two instances in which opponents of the freedom to marry have supposedly been fined or fired for opposing marriage for same-sex couples. In the first example, innkeepers from Vermont claim that they were sued for refusing to allow a same-sex couple to host their wedding. The second example features a Canadian sportscaster who claims that he lost his job after he tweeted that he opposes marriage equality.

But as supporters of Referendum 74 know, these claims simply aren’t true. Approving Referendum 74 protects the rights of churches and individuals to define marriage however they wish. It merely allows committed same-sex couples to obtain civil marriage licenses. And when put to the test, our opponents’ ad — like the ads that have preceded it — just don’t stand true.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Tacoma News Tribune investigated the ad and came to the same conclusion:

The speakers describe their experiences accurately. But it’s a stretch to describe a firing by a private company in Canada and a penalty based on an anti-discrimination law in Vermont as examples of how “Referendum 74 can harm people who oppose gay marriage.” While it’s possible those kinds of incidents could happen in Washington, there’s no evidence that R-74 makes them more likely.

Click here to read more of their “Political Smell Test” and be sure to share it with your friends to help us fight back.

As our opponents continue to air deceiving ads featuring folks from out-of-state, we’ll continue to tell the stories of real, diverse Washingtonians who are casting their ballots to Approve Referendum 74.