Catholics Show Support for Marriage Equality

Our opponents would have you believe that people of faith are inherently opposed to extending the freedom to marry to same-sex couples. But here at Washington United, we know better. People of faith are a crucial part of our campaign to Approve Referendum 74. Catholics, in particular, have been outspoken in their support for defending our state’s bipartisan marriage law.
This past weekend, Catholics for Marriage Equality organized a “Liturgy of Love” — an event for pro-equality Catholics to come together and pray that Referendum 74 is approved on Election Day so that all loving couples can marry in Washington.

Events like this demonstrate that even though Catholic bishops unsurprisingly Despite the expected opposition from Seattle’s Archbishop and other leaders in the Church, fair-minded Catholics around the state are mobilizing to ensure that their voices are heard on Election Day. As one parishioner told the Seattle PI:

“I find (bishops’ claims) perplexing:. Nothing about marriage equality in the state of Washington is any infringement on liberty.  This is about civil marriage and civil law,” said John Morfield, a longtime parishoner at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

National polls show that a majority of Catholics around the country support marriage equality, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing in Washington. We’re incredibly grateful to the countless Catholic Washingtonians who are taking action with and investing in this campaign.

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Image: Joshua Trujillo/