Washington United for Marriage Celebrates All Families in Saturday Activities and New Video on Why Marriage Matters by Loving WA Grandmother

Washington United for Marriage (WUM) the broad coalition working to defend the state’s bipartisan marriage law and Approve Referendum 74, today released a video featuring Patricia Flores, a Latina grandmother of seven, who shares her wish that all of her grandchildren have the freedom to marry, including her gay grandson, Jesse.

The testimonial is the eighth in WUM’s “Why Marriage Matters” video series, which invites families across the state to talk about the importance of marriage for themselves, their children and the people they love.  All of the videos, including Patricia Flores’, can be found at: http://washingtonunitedformarriage.org/why-marriage-matters/

The video underscores the importance of passing Referendum 74 for thousands of Washington families. And WUM will salute Washington families in events over the weekend, including a family picnic in Vancouver tomorrow. And in Seattle, The Columbia City Bakery in Seattle will host neighborhood families on Saturday as they introduce their new “Equality Cookie.” Proceeds from cookie sale will go to the Approve Referendum 74 campaign.

In her impassioned testimonial, Patricia Flores of Burien shares the story of her second-born grandchild, Jesse. “He came out to me and the family at 14 years old. When he told me I just burst into tears. I just started crying,” Flores recalls. “And I told him: these are tears of happiness. I am crying because I am so happy that you decided to share with me this important part of who you are.”

Patricia Flores grew up and lived in the Yakima Valley, until moving to the Seattle area a few years ago.  She hopes someday soon all her grandchildren will be able to marry the person they love.

“Six of my grandchildren, so far, are able to have the freedom to choose to marry, and one of them – Jesse – doesn’t have that freedom. And, it makes me really sad – makes me angry, and frustrated — because that freedom is just as important to Jesse,” says Flores.