Washington United for Marriage Cites Independent Poll Showing 56-38%

Washington United for Marriage, the broad coalition working to Approve Referendum 74 and defend the state’s marriage law, today cited a new independent statewide poll showing a majority of voters support the freedom to marry.

According to the KING 5/Survey USA poll of 524 Likely Voters from Sept. 7 through Sept. 9, 56% of those surveyed would vote to approve Referendum 74 while 38% would vote to reject.  The poll has a margin of error of 4.3%.

Link to Survey USA poll: http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=07b89034-43b1-4d60-8d0f-2982bd314434

 “While this is the biggest number and the widest spread recorded by any independent poll, this remains a very fluid race and our opponents have yet to unleash their attacks,” said Zach Silk, WUM’s campaign manager.  “We’ve seen what’s happened in other states and that’s generally a late attack aimed at frightening voters, so we’ll continue to work round-the-clock, talking to voters and reminding them that in Washington, everyone should be have the freedom to marry the person they love.”